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Ben has been giving talks and presentations on rocketry and space science for over twenty five years. Ben's talks have been to groups from 5 and 6 year olds up to large groups of space sector executives and university students covering subjects from the basics of how rockets work through to UK launch legislation and career paths in the launch sector.

In addition to these live talks and presentations Ben has also been asked to appear on screen explaining rockets and space technology on more than a dozen TV shows since the late 1990's.

ben-rocketandroll-screengrab copy.jpg

Since late 2021 Ben has begin creating his own video content under his trademarked personal brand: 'RocketandRoll'. Initially starting with practical rocketry videos and product videos for rocket kits sold through the RocketandRoll Retail store Ben hopes to expand into larger rocketry related projects and stunts as well as broader space science subjects in the coming year.

Links to Ben's YouTube channel and other personal media content can be found via his personal site here.

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