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Rocket-FX are a multi-faceted visual effects and prop/model making company with over three decades of commercial experience.

Initially focussing on effects and stunts utilising solid and hybrid fuelled rocket systems, the company has expanded to now offer replica weapon hire, pyrotechnics and miniature as well as full size model/prop design and manufacture.

Whatever your project, if you need something to safely go 'whoosh' or 'bang', and look good whilst it's doing it, Rocket-FX can deliver.

BEN JARVIS - 'Harnessing the fire'

Ben discovered his passion for rockets and pyrotechnics at a very young age. Inspired by his father who worked in the visual effects arena and obsessed with sci-fi he spent the first 14 years of his life drawing space ships and making rockets from LEGO before he found working model rockets at his local model shop in 1990 and real rockets took over.
Since then Ben has devoted most of his life to designing, building and launching rockets both as a hobby and as a career. In total Ben has burnt more than 3000 rocket motors, launching over 1700 flights using over 500 different rockets he has designed and built. In his own time Ben has formed multiple rocketry groups, broken most UK and European amateur rocketry records, founded two rocket development companies and become one of the most experienced rocket designers and builders in the World.
In the media world, Ben has worked as a consultant on more than 15 different TV programs for clients including Sky, ITV, Channel 4, BBC, Discovery and The History Channel. 

Ben has also undertaken prop making and pyrotechnics work for multiple TV shows as well as appearing himself as a presenter and speaker on the subjects of rocket and space history, rocket science and space technology on multiple occasions. Ben's involvement in target sports from a young age has also fed into his experience with replica firearms and added another string to the 'Rocket-FX' bow.

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